The Law Office of Karen D. Faulkner, P.A. is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, providing quality legal representation to both men and women in all areas of family law. With over 25 years experience in handling family matters, attorney Karen D. Faulkner brings a depth of experience, knowledge and skill to her practice, with a recognition that each client’s matter is unique and requires individual personal attention.

Settlement Negotiation and Litigation

Settlement of your case through the mediation process may be in your best interests. However, when mediation fails to result in a settlement, the Boca Raton divorce lawyer Karen D. Faulkner will take your case to trial to protect and preserve your legal rights.

Experience in All Areas of Family Law

Fort Lauderdale family attorney Karen D. Faulkner, the founder of our Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale family law firm, has extensive experience in all areas of family law. She will provide you with caring and compassionate advice and will aggressively fight for your rights at the negotiation table and in the courtroom!

When you have a challenging family law matter or a divorce, you should not entrust your future to an inexperienced attorney. The Law Office of Karen D. Faulkner, P.A., has built a strong record of successfully representing family law clients which record has been confirmed over and over again, as former clients refer their family members and friends to our firm.

The Boca Raton divorce lawyers of the Law Office of Karen D. Faulkner, P.A. can provide you with effective legal assistance in all practice areas of family law, including:

Why Choose Us?

There are many Fort Lauderdale/Coral Springs divorce lawyers who would like to represent you in your divorce or family law matter. Here are seven reasons why we believe you should choose the Law Office of Karen D. Faulkner, P.A. as your legal representative.

  1. We care about our clients as if they were members of our family. We handle all cases respectfully and professionally, keeping in mind that behind each case file is a person.
  2. We listen to your needs, wants, and concerns. We then take you through the legal process in plain English and advise you as to your rights and responsibilities according to the law. When you understand what we will do and what we anticipate will happen, your anxiety is greatly reduced. At all times, we want you, the client, to understand why we are doing what we’re doing.
  3. We communicate regularly with you, via telephone, e-mail, mail so that you always know the status of your case and where we are in the process.
  4. When you contact us, we make sure your calls or e-mails are responded to promptly (same day) and any questions you may have are answered, so as to reduce any anxiety you may be feeling.
  5. We try to resolve cases in mediation and we prepare for mediation thoroughly. The vast majority of cases are settled at mediation.
  6. We’re always prepared to go to trial if mediation is not effective. Karen Faulkner won’t hesitate or procrastinate. If a trial is needed, she has the experience to take the case into the courtroom.
  7. We are experienced and respected. Attorney Karen D. Faulkner has been practicing marital and family law in the south Florida area for over twenty years and has developed a good reputation among her peers and legal adversaries for her knowledge of the law, skill and tenacity in fighting to obtain for you the best possible result.

Why Do You Need An Experienced Family Law Attorney to Represent You?

You may feel your case is simple and that you do not need an attorney to represent you. You feel you can represent yourself and save money. This is almost never true. There are so many intricacies in family law cases that a self-represented party looking for a quick and inexpensive result may wind up with a result that they will come to regret when they learn what they gave up. Obtaining a family lawyer to represent you is an investment in your future, especially when you have assets and children.

How Will Your Family Attorney Help You Get A Good Result?

I am an experienced trial attorney. I will work for you to achieve a fair settlement of your case. However, if the opposing party is not willing to agree to our proposal for settlement, I will not hesitate to take your case to court and litigate on your behalf. During settlement negotiations, I will make sure that the opposing party (and his counsel) know that I am not afraid to litigate, as is often the case with less experienced attorneys. Often times, this knowledge convinces the opposing party to agree to our demands..

How Will I Prepare Your Family Law Case?

Whether negotiating a settlement, or arguing on your behalf in court, I will come prepared. The key to a good result is not only skill and experience, but thorough research and meticulous fact finding.

Personal Attention From Your Family Attorney From Start to Finish

First and foremost, I will talk to you about your case and listen carefully to what you have to tell me. I take each and every case personally, so you can count on getting personalized attention from me and my support staff. We will thoroughly go through ALL the details of your case. We will give you advice and assistance in collecting all the necessary evidence that can be used in support of your case at the negotiation table and during proceedings in court. I will inform you of all rights and legal remedies available to you.

Customized Approach to Every Case

Each and every family law case is different. Some cases present unusual issues. In cases such as these we will thoroughly research the issues to find case law that best supports your position. Other cases may require heavy discovery such as subpoenaing financial records, bank records and other financial documents of the opposing party. Perhaps we need to do an asset check if you think the other party is hiding assets. We will do whatever it takes to maximize our chances for a good settlement or good result at trial. We leave no stone unturned, because we know that the result we obtain for you may have long lasting consequences in your life.

Why I Am The Right Family Law Attorney For You

For more than 25 years, I have been practicing exclusively in the area of family law. I am very knowledgeable about the case law and have refined and honed my negotiation and trial skills to best serve my client. I understand that when you come to me for representation you are anxious and worried. I am here to be your compassionate advocate.

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