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Domestic violence against a family member or household member or the mother/father of your child is a heartbreaking reality in Florida and every other state in this country. Most acts of domestic violence go unreported because after the domestic violence incident, the offending family member begs for forgiveness and promises it will never happen again. The victim then makes excuses for the offender’s violent conduct and forgives the offender. Unfortunately, the cycle of violence, is a recurring theme; the violence, the offender full of remorse and begging for forgiveness, then peace in the family for a period of time, and then the violence commences again.

Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence

In Florida, the legal term for a restraining order is an “injunction for protection against domestic violence.”

If you have been the victim of domestic violence or fear you are about to be the victim of domestic violence based upon threats on your personal safety or your children by the family or household member, do not hesitate to contact us immediately after the incident. The laws in Florida are here to protect you and your loved ones.

We at the successfully represented hundreds of clients in domestic violence matters. We have represented both the alleged victims of domestic violence as well as defended those who have been served with a Petition for Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence.

Fake Domestic Violence Accusation Defense

During these many years representing clients in domestic violence matters, we have seen our share of “sham” cases where one spouse fabricates a domestic violence case for the sole purpose of removing the other spouse from the marital home and getting a “leg-up” as to custody of the parties’ children. We know how to defend these cases as well.

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