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Even though it might seem to you that the only way to resolve your case is through litigation, it may not be the right choice for you. In fact, a vast majority of family law and divorce cases are settled outside of court in mediation. As a Florida Supreme Court certified Family Law Mediator, Karen D. Faulkner has assisted  many divorcing couples negotiate and agree to the terms of a marital settlement agreement, parenting plan as well as many other kinds of  family law agreements.

On the other hand, acting as the attorney for a party in a family law matter, Attorney Karen D. Faulkner has participated in hundreds of mediations with her clients which have resulted in signed marital settlement agreements, paternity agreements, parenting plans, modification agreements and the like.

Mediation vs. Litigation

Karen D. Faulkner, a Fort Lauderdale Mediation lawyer and the founder of our firm, recognizes that some cases are better handled at a negotiation table instead of a courtroom. That is why we strongly encourage our clients to try to settle their case in mediation before taking a chance in the court of law.

Moreover, mediation has a significant advantage over litigation. Mediation can be far  less stressful than litigation and can save you a lot of money in legal fees and court costs.

Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator

The Law Office of Karen D. Faulkner, PA has been helping families in Fort Lauderdale and in Broward County to face their challenges and settle their disagreements through open dialogue and mediation. Our founder, Karen D Faulkner, is an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer and a Florida Supreme Court certified Family Law Mediator. Combining her comprehensive understanding of applicable family laws with her experience as a mediator, Ms. Faulkner can help negotiate agreements that are fair and acceptable to both parties.

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Going through a divorce or fighting for your rights as a parent can be a frightening and stressful experience. It may seem as if the whole world is against you. Please know that you don’t have to do it alone. Contact our Family Law Mediation Firm today to schedule a mediation or if you are looking for representation in a family law matter call us for a confidential consultation to discuss your case and ask us about the benefits of choosing the negotiation table instead of the courtroom.

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