Fort Lauderdale Legal Separation Lawyer

Legal separation does not mean divorce. Some couples go to court to seek spousal support, child support, and child visitation rulings, but do not file for divorce. Couples are still legally married, but may live apart and manage their own property and assets separately.

Divorce often follows this action, but a legal separation does not necessarily mean that divorce is next. There are many reasons for choosing a legal separation instead of a divorce. Some cultures and religions do not allow a couple to divorce, or divorce carries with it a great stigma. Separation is an option for some couples that cannot or choose not to take the final step of divorce because of their beliefs or outside pressure. Couples may also simply be unsure about the future of their marriage, and wish to try separation before they make anything final.

If you live in Florida and want to legally separate from your spouse, it is important to have an experienced, compassionate Fort Lauderdale legal separation attorney on your side. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to legal separation, and you need a lawyer who is aware of all of them.

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