Temporary Custody by Extended Family Member

The Florida Statutes recognizes that many minor children in Florida live with and are being cared for by members of their extended families and not their parents. Sometimes, circumstances with the parents are such that they cannot care for their children and they have to place their children with another family member on a temporary basis who is better able to care for them. An extended family member has no legal rights as to the child in his/her care and must therefore obtain a temporary custody order from the circuit court.

When an extended family member obtains a temporary custody order, that family member gets physical custody of the minor child and is now able to:

  • a. Consent to all necessary and reasonable medical, dental and psychiatric care for the child.
  • b. Obtain copies of the child’s records, held by third parties that are necessary for the care of the child to include, but not limited to: medical, dental and psychiatric records, birth certificates educational records and other records.
  • c. Enroll the child in school and grant or withhold consent for a child to be tested or placed in special school programs, including exceptional education.
  • d. Do any and all other things necessary for the care of the child .

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